Nillkin Leather Flip Cover Z10 Case

Nillkin Leather Flip Cover Case for BlackBerry Z10


Now we’re talking!  Nillkin has just released their new leather flip covers for the BlackBerry Z10, and they look great.

As our touchscreen phones become larger, they’re beginning to share some things with their tablet siblings.  Flip covers, or smart covers, have been a huge hit in the tablet space, and it’s not a shock to see the same ideas trickling to our mobile phones.  Now that BlackBerry has made a serious attempt at the all-touchscreen device segment (the Torch 9860 doesn’t count as serious), nice accessories are making their way to the BlackBerry family.

Nillkin is a Chinese company that makes a lot of great quality cases for a variety of devices, and they always seem to have some of the best-looking as well.  This particular case is crafted with genuine leather, which is very rare these days.  It consists of the front flip cover, and a hard case that your Z10 simply snaps into.  All of your buttons, ports, and camera are accessible while in this case as well.

Nillkin Leather Flip Cover Case for BlackBerry Z10

Even though the case is leather, the back is a hard plastic shell that is simply lined with leather on its exterior.  The inside is soft as well, making sure that your Z10’s screen nor housing gets scuffed or scratched when inside of it.  In terms of protection, it’s pretty good.  The leather is going to absorb shock, and the combination of leather and plastic will prevent the case from buckling in and smashing your device under weight or pressure.  If you sit on it, damage is possibly, but unlikely.

This BlackBerry Z10 case also comes with a screen protector, which we aren’t sure how good it is.  If you want a screen protector that’s guaranteed with a lifetime warranty, check out the BlackBerry Z10 invisibleSHIELD to use alongside this case.

Check out one of these cases today!  (You can also get them directly from their origin country for a little less, but more shipping time)

Nillkin Leather Flip Cover Case for BlackBerry Z10Nillkin Leather Flip Cover Case for BlackBerry Z10

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